Green-fingered Volunteers Revive Village Centre

A group of volunteers have taken on the challenge of reviving an unloved piece of land, central to their community. With the help of the Wydale 110 Litre Water Trolley, the area is set to host forage and habitat for pollinators.

“The beds around the square in the centre of our village of Southwater were looking a bit tired and sad so a group of local people from Wendy’s Gardening, Southwater Horticultural Society and Southwater Community Partnership got together and applied for some funding from Horsham District Council’s Welcome Back Fund. We arranged for the old, dead stuff to be cleared away then, with the help of a small army of local volunteers, we planted 500 new plants that we hope will provide year round colour and interest for visitors, residents and businesses around the square, while offering forage and habitat for pollinators. Key to the long term success of the project will be watering so we invested part of the funding on a bowser, nicknamed Billy by the planting team. By adding a couple of watering cans to the kit (Billy’s Babies) we are confident the plants will thrive in their new home.”

Thank you to Nancy for sending us the pictures. We wish you continued success with the project.

View the 110 Litre Water Trolley here >

Pictures from left: Volunteers with the Wydale 110 Litre Water Trolley, Wendy (left) and Harriet (right) from Wendy’s Gardening. Before Planting: The area to be improved. Volunteers during the planting: Around 500 new plants were planted.

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