Agricultural Water Bowsers

We sell a range of Agricultural Water Bowsers suitable for use in a wide variety of farming applications. A bowser provides a quick and easy way to get water to where it is needed. When you are a farmer, time is in short supply. Read More

Trailed Water Bowsers are used within agriculture for a range of purposes. Not only for transporting and offloading fresh water but also for storage of water at a location where water or other liquids are required. Hitch to a ATV quad bike, compact tractor or similar vehicle.

Looking for a smaller farm water bowser that doesn’t require a tow? Our Water Trolley range offer a smaller capacity tank on a wheeled trolley. This allows it to be manoeuvred around the yard by hand which is ideal for transporting water to the calves in the bottom pens.

Looking for a Water Bowser Trailer and not sure what you need? One of our suppliers have written an article titled ‘Water Bowsers – What Is A Water Bowser?’ which you can view here.

£739.67 Exc VAT (£887.60 Inc VAT)

Livestock Water Bowsers

300 Litre Livestock Water Bowser

£913.99 Exc VAT (£1,096.79 Inc VAT)

Livestock Water Bowsers

400 Litre Livestock Water Bowser

£975.00 Exc VAT (£1,170.00 Inc VAT)
Price From: £2,750.00 Exc VAT (£3300.00 Inc VAT)
Price £3,171.25 Exc VAT (£3805.50 Inc VAT)
Price £3,442.50 Exc VAT (£4131.00 Inc VAT)
Price £4,453.75 Exc VAT (£5344.50 Inc VAT)

Water Bowser FAQs

A Water Bowser is a water tank designed to be towed or affixed to a vehicle bed or body. Predominately for the transportation of water, as well as a wide range of other liquids. A Water Bowser is often referred to as a Water Trailer or Water Tank on Trailer.

A Water Bowser is ideal for any application in which water is not available from a mains supply. Particularly common on farms, as well as construction and building sites, a trailed bowser offers the ability to tow water where it is required. A misconception is that a Bowser is purely for water storage. Other uses are for the transport of Ad-Blue, Fertilisers and many other liquid substances. Further uses include commercial plant watering, fire extinguishing or livestock water supply.

Here at the Online Tank Store, we offer options for both public highway use and private land. A 'Site-tow Bowser' refer to those products suitable for use on private land and are not suitable for road use. Common industries for site-tow bowsers include farming, property maintenance and construction.

Trailed Bowsers identified as suitable for road use have been manufactured to very specific regulations which allow their use on public roads. These bowsers are referred to as 'Highway Tow'. Unless otherwise stated, the Water Bowsers are not suitable for use on the highway.