Calf Milk Feeders

Turn to us when you need to buy new calf milk feeders

Working in the agricultural sector can mean that many of the products you need aren’t as easily accessible. As much as you’d like your local supermarket to sell products such as milk feeders or pellet dispensers, the reality is you need to find a supplier who can get you the exact product you need in a quick turn-around time.

Here at Online Tank Store we have a range of agricultural products to choose from, all of which have been produced with durability and usability in mind. Our tanks are designed to reduce the heavy duty lifting that is often required, giving you one less taxing job to worry about.

For those that are looking to buy a new calf milk feeder, you can choose from:

  • Single bucket feeder
  • Twin bucket feeder
  • 5 teat lamb feeder
  • 3 teat calf feeder
  • 4 teat calf feeder
  • 5 teat calf feeder

We also have a selection of troughs, lick feeders, hay feeders, pellet feeders and more, so why not check out our full range today? Browse through our website where you can place your order and receive your product in a quick turn around time.