Colour chart for Water Tanks

Are you looking for a Coloured Water Tank?

A large number of our Water Storage Tanks can be manufactured in a different colour in order to better suit its use. Our colour wheel contains all the ‘non-standard’ colours (anything that isn’t translucent or black!). 

To order a Water Storage Tank in an alternative colour to those offered on the product page, just email contact@onlinetankstore with your requirements and we will be back in touch.

Please note – these colours are not all suitable for potable use. Please contact us if this is something you require.

Whilst we have done our best to replicate the available colours, there may be variation due to the difference in screen brightness / resolution ect. A coloured tank would also make it a ‘custom’ order and is therefore non-returnable.

1000 Litre Dark Green

Dark Green Example

1000 Litre Upright Tank

1500 Litre Open Top Fish Holding Tank

Boat Blue Example

1500 Litre Open Top Tank